Since 1998, Pianeta Legno takes pride in being the premier source for the highest quality prefinished hardwood flooring that reflects the incomparable beauty of nature. Staying true to our goal of "Creating timeless beauty with quality and style", we import our products directly from high-end manufactures all around the world. We constantly search the globe to offer our distinct clientele a unique selection of engineered flooring that is superior in appearance, wear, and resistance. The combinations of exquisite products along with the firm's 70 years’ experience assures our clients for a successful outcome to any project they may have.

Our outstanding nationwide reputation is well deserved. Throughout the years we also served clients from all around the world (Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Israel, Caribbean locations including Bermuda ... to name a few!) Regardless of the size of the projects, we always make each client a priority. Our projects vary from putting our signature on a high-rise buildings to the transformation of a small living room. The distinctive characteristics of wood evoke a warm, gracious atmosphere in residential and commercial interiors. The factor that makes our selection truly stand out is the authenticity and quality of each wood. Visit us at one of our showrooms and let Pianeta Legno bring nature into your world. Let us help you create a living environment that is uniquely elegant today and for decades to come!

We would like to be clear on one important thing! Pianeta Legno Floors, since 1998’s has been in American wood flooring market and very well-known brand in the US. “Pianeta” means Planet and “Legno” means wood in Italian language but since we are using our company’s name, there are so many wannabes, poser’s, follower’s all over the country from Florida to NJ, NY to California. Some of them claim themselves as experts but yet, they don’t even have any wood background or history for few years. Or most of those “Legno” name added mocking companies are just doing this for the search engines or tricking the clients saying yes, we are the same organizations whatever they have we have the same products. It is totally the untruth!