Botanical Name:Quercus alba

Common Names: OAK

Height &Weight: A large tree that may reach a height of 90 ft and a diameter of 5 ft; more commonly with a height to 65 ft and diameters up to 30 in. Stems are straight and cylindrical / Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) varies with species from 0.57 to 0.82; air-dry density 44 to 62 pcf.

Origin:Europe / Croatia-Slovenia-France-Russia


Hardness & Durability:One of the hardest wood specie in the world. High durability

Color & Grain:Heartwood yellowish brown to reddish brown; sapwood whitish to light brown. Grain is generally straight; texture coarse; luster usually low; without distinctive odor or taste when seasoned. Because of the broad rays, the wood is highly figured as in the temperate oaks but pores in radial or diagonal rows rather than ring-porous.