Cabreuva Vermelha

Botanical Name:Myroxylon balsamum

Common Names: Balsamo, Palo de balsamo (Spanish America generally), Cedro chino, Nabal (Mexico), Chirraca, Sandalo (Costa Rica), Tache, Tolu (Colombia), Estoraque (Peru), Cabriuva vermelha (Brazil), Incienso, Quina (Argentina).

Height &Weight: p to 100 ft in height, usually 50 to 65 ft and 18 to 36 in diameter / Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.74 to 0.81; air- dry density 54 to 62 pcf.

Origin:Has a wide range from southern Mexico southward through Central American and continuing to Argentina.


Hardness & Durability:30% harder than white oak and high durability. The heartwood is reported to be highly resistant to attack by decay fungi.

Color & Grain:Heartwood reddish brown becoming deep red or somewhat purplish upon exposure; fairly uniform to striped; sharply demarcated from the white sapwood. Luster medium to high; texture medium; grain is typically interlocked; without distinctive taste, but may have a pleasant spicy scent.