Maple OPaco

Botanical Name:Intsia bijuga

Common Names: Tat-talun (Burma), Lumpha, Lumpho (Thailand), Kwila (New Guinea Vesi (Fiji Islands), Ipil (Philippines), Merbau (Malaya).

Height &Weight: A large tree often with a rather short, thick bole, sometimes to 50 ft, often fluted; trunk diameters to 5 ft above large spreading buttresses. Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 0.68; air-dry density 50 pcf.

Origin:Indo-Malayan region, Indonesia, Philippines, and many of the western Pacific islands as well as Australia. May be locally common in lowland forests, transition zones behind mangroves.


Hardness & Durability:25% harder than white oak.

Color & Grain:Heartwood yellowish to orange brown when freshly cut, turning brown or dark red brown on exposure; sapwood pale yellow to light buff, sharply demarcated from the heartwood. Texture rather coarse; grain straight to interlocked or wavy; luster variable; has a characteristic odor when dry material is worked, and an astringent taste.