American Walnut

Botanical Name:Juglans nigra

Common Names: American black walnut, black walnut, walnut, Virginia walnut, Canaletto, black hickory nut, Canadian walnut, walnut tree.

Height &Weight: Walnuts average in height between 100 to 150 ft. (30-50 meters) with diameters of 4 to 6 ft.Average weight is 40 pounds per cubic foot.

Origin: American black Walnut’s growing range is from southern Ontario, Canada, to Texas. It can be also found in from Maine to Florida.


Hardness & Durability:Same as white oak and high durability

Color & Grain:American black walnut can be found with both a straight grain, and distinctive, highly figured grain. Curly and wavy figures can produce interesting looks in veneers such as walnut butt, crotches, burls, fiddle back, leaf and straight stripe. Dark brown wood with wavy & curly grain colors of light yellowish brown to dark brown or black. More spectacular grain patterns.