Botanical Name:Bowdichia spp.

Common Names: Alcornoque (Venezuela), Sapupira, Sucupira parda (Brazil)

Height &Weight: On favorable sites it is a medium-sized to large tree, up to 150 ft high and diameters to 4 ft. Over part of its range it is a savanna tree of small size and poor form. Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) averages 0.74. Air-dry density about 56 pcf

Origin:B. nitida occurs in the forests of the Rio Negro and lower Amazon region. B. virgilioides has a greater range from Venezuela and the Guianas to southeastern Brazil.


Hardness & Durability:Heartwood reported to be very durable; railroad ties in the Netherlands showed no sign of decay after 17 years of service and %45 harder than White Oak. Also, in laboratory evaluations, the heartwood is rated very durable in resistance to both wide-rot and brown rot fungi.

Color & Grain:Freshly cut heartwood is generally chocolate brown turning to lighter brown when dry, occasionally grayish brown, with fine lighter parenchyma stripes;sharply demarcated from whitish or yellowish sapwood. Texture coarse; grain usually straight to slightly interlocked or slightly wavy; luster medium to high and golden.